Knut Henrik Henriksen: Far, far away he §aw §omething §himmering like Gold

Vigeland Museet, Oslo
4 March – 22 May 2022


Installation views, Far, far away he §aw §omething §himmering like Gold, Vigeland Museet, Oslo, 2022. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

An Architectural Sunset (Soria Moria), 2022, wood, panel, paint.

Angel, 2022, wood, gold paint, dimensions taken from the gable board in the artist’s paternal cottage in Brumunddal

Ken, 2022, styrofoam, decorative beams, RAL 3012, dimensions variable

Der Wilder Mann, 2022, styrofoam, decorative beams, “protective” figure taken from German half-timbered tradition.