Tuesday 28 July, 7 pm

Trailer_documentation-of-processwebWhen performing is not performance; when not politics is political: reflecting forward from Trailer.

Anne Tallentire and John Seth formed the project work-seth/tallentire in the mid-1990s as a site for their on-going collaboration. The talk will reflect on the importance of Trailer made in Dublin in 1998 in relation to both their collaborative and individual practices. In the making of Trailer, they formulated a working process that put under stress (or crisis) the politics of identity, location and the work of performance.

The talk will be set amidst a reconfigured installation of Trailer.
(Trailer will also be on view at the gallery on Saturday 1 August between 1 – 5 pm.)

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SARAH JONES [feat. Sanja Todorović]
Wednesday 29 July, 7 pm


A 3 legged man and other inquisitive fruits

Sarah Jones enjoys listening to things, chancing on noises produced when objects are given a voice. Her work draws on legacies of minimalism and literal theatricality, embracing and ramping this up as a part of picture making.

For this performance Sarah Jones will take the role of a device serving a painting, a painting painted by Sanja Todorović.

Thursday 30 July, 7pm

Still For Talk small

“We mistake the current experience for the very faithful copy of an original that never really existed”
Paolo Virno, Deja Vu and The End of History

Starting from personal recollections of the shifts in youth culture that took place in the period before and after 1989 this presentation will use video and performance to look at how ideology materialises itself in fashion and gesture and whether the recent past is looted to create the present.

Friday 31 July, 7 pm
All My Failures Turning into a Hill

Saturday 1 August, 4 pm

If the Sky Falls, leaving the gallery at 4 pm

Saturday 1 August
Trailer by work-seth/tallentire will be on view at the gallery between 1 – 5 pm.